11 Year Old Football & Half Baked Law Firm Marketing Plans!

My Son Samuel’s Football Tackling

My son plays football every Sunday morning for his local team, and he is doing quite well. I am delighted to say that cricket is still his first sport, but I am enjoying watching him play. He is only 11 so the quality is sometimes lacking from the team as a whole, but he is starting to improve in all aspects of his game. I was really pleased to see him being strong as a defender and stopping the opposition getting past him last Sunday.

One of the things I have been helping him with is tackling. He was a little hesitant at first, sort of half committing to the tackle and then backing off. I explained that if he keeps doing that he is going to get injured. If he needs to tackle, he needs to commit to it and go in strongly and complete the tackle. If he goes in half-heartedly he is much more likely to be injured than if he goes in fully convinced that he is going to win the ball.

It is exactly the same in all aspects of business life too. If you ‘sort of decide’ to do something, for instance opening on Saturdays, all those around you will pick up on this hesitancy. Your staff will see the weakness or indecsion and ensure you back down from this crazy idea. On the other hand, if you explain that you WILL BE opening on Saturdays permanently from a set date, and the staff must decide who is going to man the office in shifts, it will happen.

The same can also be said of deciding to offer a new legal service. If you commit fully to it, adequately resort the process to acquire new clients and go fully out to build that service into a profitable department, you will succeed. Put one person in and hope that something happens, and some months later, unless that person is a miracle worker and natural business developer, you will be closing the department.

It is particularly the case too when it comes to each and every marketing activity that you undertake for your practice.

If you half-heartedly test a new marketing initiative, such as Google Adwords, direct mail or email marketing, it is almost guaranteed to fail. If you resource it adequately, commit a period of time during which you will give the marketing tactic your full attention to make it work, and you will more likely than not be very pleasantly surprised by the results of the activity.

Henry Ford summed this up in his succinct quote:

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right."

If you think a new marketing tactic will work for you, and you fully commit to making it successful, in a few months’ time you will have in place a new marketing tactic regularly producing new client instructions on a regular basis for you.

If you then commit to keep on adding new marketing tactics until you have a huge Profit FlowCast model in practice, your firm’s future will be a bright and very profitable one!

Get in there and tackle hard!

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