What Is The Best Form Of Marketing For A Law Firm?

This is a question that I am often asked when I meet new solicitors. “OK Nick, you call yourself a so called law firm marketing hot shot, if that is the case, tell me what the best form of marketing is for a law firm, and tell me free of charge too!”

You might think I exaggerate the words for creative purposes, but often the words are much harder hitting. Luckily, I have broad shoulders.

If I have learned one thing over my 20 plus years of marketing law firms, it is that those who come seeking or demanding things for free and promising riches when your ideas bear fruit are the ones to steer well clear of.

In my early days I was perhaps a little more naïve than I am now, and thinking that working with law firms meant that they would be true to their words, I often did not insist on or rely on written contracts (and me a solicitor too – tsk tsk Nicholas).

One solicitor promised a fee relative to the number of new clients generated for his practice, which was struggling badly. Marketing systems put in place, clients delivered, solicitor reneged on deal.

Another solicitor was even more generous. I would have my dream car, a Jaguar XKR (the Aston Martin was just not sufficiently reliable at the time) if I delivered a certain deal to their law firm and it stuck for more than a year. Deal duly delivered and stuck for three years, but Jaguar XKR still sitting in show room…

I have many more of these stories. I have learned my lesson the hard way. I now do not look for incentives because I know that they will not be fulfilled. I do not think that the person sets out to deceive from the start, more that as soon as the money is in their hands they question why they should suddenly give away some of it to the marketing chap who handed it to them on a plate. So now all I do is charge a reasonable fee for my services and I am happy. It works well for my law firm clients, as when I deliver many new clients to their practice they see a real, tangible benefit, and it works well for me as I do not set myself up for the fall of being let down again, instead being paid a fair fee.

However, therapy session for Nick over, back to the question in hand… what is the best way of marketing a law firm?

Easy, and you can have the answer, but not for free of course, you would not expect that now would you. You have to trade me something of value too, but not financially. Just your email address. That way I can send you my email and let you know how I can help you. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I hope to provide you with enough useful information to make the exchange worthwhile for you.

Enter your details below and I will share with you not just the one best form of law firm marketing, but eight of them! A fair exchange I think, do you?

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