Law Firm Goal Setting

Make them big fat hairy ones!

If you are going to do it, you have to go big this year. Maybe this is the year where you really finish exactly where you want to, with your practice as successful as you have always planned.

So the big fat hairy ones I am talking about are your targets for this year!

And if you are going to set them, as every sensible business owner will do, there is absolutely no point in setting small ones. Don’t aim for mediocrity, accepting the media’s view that standing still is good enough. You can make your own rules, just as many of my maverick solicitors are doing at the moment. They ignore the media and decide that they are the only ones who will control their firm’s future, and they do!

So if your firm currently turns over £250,000, set your target for this year at £500,000. If you are turning over £500,000, why not aim for £750,000 or £1 million? If you are already at £1 to £1.5 million, aim to double that figure, or at least increase it by 50%.

You just need to decide how you want to feel at the end of 2013. Do you want to reach the end of the next year feeling frustrated and disappointed, or fulfilled and delighted at having set the bar high and reached or even exceeded it?

If you do, then you know there will be some hard work along the way, but you know that the results will make it very worthwhile.

But how will you get there? What will you do to make your turnover double or treble? Which marketing is the right marketing for your firm right now to help you reach your targets? And if you are the sole decision maker in your practice, how are you going to ensure you stay on track and do not let all of the other challenges and issues side track you from your targets?

Well, I have a suggestion for you. Please let me help you. Let me guide you through the process, ensuring you work on only the marketing challenges that will deliver the fastest results for you and propel you towards your targets, and to keep you firmly on track.

I am opening five new places on my 90 Day Steady Stream Of New Clients Programme, several clients having completed their programme at the end of 2012. This programme will ensure you start 2013 at a sprint rather than a stroll.

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