Solicitors: What Do You Call Them On Your Law Firm Website?

Solicitors: What Do You Call Them On Your Law Firm Website?

Potato or Potaato?

Tomato or Tomaato?

I don’t want to call the whole thing off, but what you call things does matter.

We have some very different phrases from our friends across the pond for certain words that can lead to confusion or hilarity, depending on your viewpoint.

However, when it comes to the wording of a common, known ‘thing’, it is one of those rare exceptions that I do believe you should do what the majority are doing.

The ‘thing’ in question to which I am referring to today is a very important ‘thing’ for your business and for mine.

I am currently looking for someone to do some flooring for me at home and these ‘things’ were a key part of the reason why someone was in my house earlier this week to measure up.

The thing is, do you call this ‘thing’ a ‘testimonial’ or a ‘review’?

In my opinion, because the majority of us are now hard wired to look for ‘reviews’ before making a purchasing decision, I firmly believe that you should be calling them ‘Reviews’.

Think about your own buying habits; Amazon, Trip Advisor,, Air BNB if you are a hipster, all focus heavily on Reviews. Websites like Trustpilot interesting calls them ‘reviews’ and it is their entire business model, so they should have an idea what the majority are calling them.

I can almost guarantee from my many hours of trawling law firm websites that if you take a moment to look at your website now your ‘things’ will be under the heading of ‘Testimonials’ in your navigation.

I would very quickly change that if you want your prospects to think you are the right firm for them.

On the subject of ‘reviews’, it would be churlish of me not to bring something up.

If you have purchased, read AND like my new book, The Law Firm Growth Formula, please would you be so kind as to leave me a review on Amazon?

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Thank you.

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