This Will NOT Help Your Law Firm Marketing

When I was a solicitor, my secretary (who was much more of an assistant really) used to like to test me.

(I have to be careful in typing this as some 25 years later she works with me again now and I have to say is doing a fantastic job; so if you are reading this Christelle, big hugs :).)

So how did she test me?

She would leave out a very important word in a letter to the other side.

Now, bearing in mind that my specialism at this point was personal injury claims, this potentially could cause some serious problems, especially as this is the context that the word “NOT” got omitted was this one:

'We do accept your offer of £120,000.'

What I dictated was “We do NOT accept your offer of £120,000.”

One tiny three letter word with a substantial difference in meaning, particularly when the offer that I was rejecting was usually many hundred percentage points below the offer finally accepted.

Thankfully I had checks in place which ensured that I always spotted this before it left the office, so no problems were caused.

The checking system was very dull; it was just that no letter accepting an offer could be sent out without me personally signing it off.

This forced me to re-read the letter to ensure that no important words had been omitted from my acceptance letters.

It was a dull system, but it worked.

Most systems or checks are quite dull, but often so very important.

For example, checking every single month how many people visited your law firm website, how many people made enquiries and how many then turned into clients, are all very important checks.

Taking that data and using it as a benchmark and constantly working on improving the figures is where the fun starts.

Sadly, I know most solicitors don’t even do these checks.

Why ‘sadly’? Because doing them is the start of making a firm more successful. Doing them each and every month, then working on improving each of the figures ensures your firm thrives.

These are just the most basic of checks. What others should you be doing?

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