Partner Was Able To Do Only The Legal Work They Loved

Partner Was Able To Do Only The Legal Work They Loved

Solicitor X was one of two partners. When I first visited him he was struggling to generate enough work to satisfy himself and his required income levels. The interesting thing for me when sitting down with him was that whilst there was one area of law that he particularly enjoyed doing, he had convinced himself that there was simply not enough of that type of work available.

Now I see this frequently, as I am a firm believer that a person doing more of the work they really enjoy leads only one way; to success for them and their clients. I did not accept that there was not enough of the type of work solicitor X was looking to do and formulated a plan to show him how to win more of it so that he could enjoy his daily practice more.

As with all of my clients, I started first on the marketing methods of generating new clients that cost little or nothing at all. I always like to start here as if I can prove my skills with a very limited budget, it gives confidence to my clients that once I start to spend a little more of their money they will get an even bigger return on their investment (ie even more clients).

Within three months solicitor X had increased his billing by over £10,000 per month. What was more exciting was that in doing so we uncovered a niche area of law within the specialist area that solicitor X enjoyed that has become more and more profitable. Solicitor X is now an expert in this field.

Nick Says:

"Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing a solicitor transformed from struggling to successful (and happy). Solicitor X was a great example of this."

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