Email Newsletters For Solicitors

Why Are Legal Email Newsletters So Important For Solicitors

There are various reasons, but here are the most important ones for you:

  1. Marketing fact: it is far easier to sell more services to existing clients than it is to find new legal clients. Email newsletters allow you to sell more of your legal services to your existing clients by keeping a regular dialogue open with them. When they next decide that they need a solicitor, the fact that you have kept in touch with them every month since they last used you makes you their first port of call.
  2. It is an incredibly cost effective method of law firm marketing. Aside from the cost of email newsletter software, which can be as little as £15 per month, the only additional cost is the creation of the content for each email newsletter. When you consider that you can even outsource the creation of the content very easily and cost effectively (more of that in the guide below), you should appreciate that failing to send a legal email newsletter is costing you a lot of lost revenue.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, when a client who receives your email newsletter responds to it with a request for more information about the legal service in question, you are now in a race of only ‘one of one’ to win their instructions. You have stimulated an interest and unless your prices are sensationally high, your client will not even look elsewhere because you are the only one who has brought this service to their attention.

I could write 100 reasons why you should send email newsletters, but I think I have highlighted the most important three reasons above.

If you are not yet sending legal email newsletters, you need to fix this problem as quickly as possible.

If you need a complete guide to email newsletters, click the box below and let me show you how you can obtain all of the information that you need to create your own email newsletter very quickly and cost effectively.

Ultimate Legal Newsletter Success Template

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