Make It Easier For Your Legal Clients To Find What They Are Looking For!

Tip 2 – Make It Easier For Your Clients To Find What They Are Looking For!

The next opportunity to instantly attract more legal clients to your practice is to make it really easy for your clients to find what they are looking for.

Take a look at your website at the moment, particularly the navigation for your legal services, and ask yourself if it is logical to a client, or logical only to a solicitor within your practice.

The biggest problems are usually:

1. The website navigation is not listed alphabetically but usually in the order of the importance of each service to the law firm (remember it is supposed to be all about the client – ‘clients first’); and

2. Use of jargon in the naming of your legal services.

I so frequently see navigation listed in the order of importance to the firm, so Personal Injury services might be first, then Employment, then Wills & Probate (more on that in the next paragraph).

This means absolutely nothing to your client. The only logical order for a client is alphabetical, so fix your navigation if this applies to your website.

The second point relates to legal jargon. I mentioned Wills & Probate above as this is a prime example. A person looking for Probate services does not run to their computer and type in ‘Wills & Probate Services’. They either type into Google ‘Probate Service’ or ‘Probate Solicitor’. Likewise, a person looking to make a Will does not type in ‘Wills & Probate Services’.

Whilst you might lump them together on your website because it makes sense to you, it is not what your clients are looking for; so splitting these services up so that they have their own navigation to reach them is a very good idea. Are you doing this with other areas of law too?

" I had spent a lot of time and money on my website and it simply wasn’t producing the leads that I wanted or expected. I had a one on one consultation with Nick Jervis and his advice changed things literally overnight. The website is now regularly providing me with new leads and new clients.”
Nick O’Neill, Lees Solicitors

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