How To Make Your Legal Website Generate New Clients

Tip 1 For Making Your Legal Website Generate New Clients

Please do not think for a moment that because this is so simple a tip that it does not have value. This one tip alone has changed some of my client’s websites from ‘non-performers’ into ‘client generators’ instantly.

So what is it? It is very simply to make use of my very simple marketing definition. There are many marketing definitions, and most of them will send you to sleep – no wonder people find marketing so complicated. Yet it really doesn’t need to be. All you need to remember when it comes to your marketing are two very simple words:

Client’s First!

When it comes to your website bearing this statement in mind when you write the content that your prospects are reading is by far the most important change you can make to your website, and the one that can make the most difference; instantly!

If your website talks more about your firm and ‘we/us’ than it does about ‘you/the client/our client’ you are missing a major opportunity to win new instructions.

At the time that a potential client lands on your website the ONLY thing that matters to them is their problem or their situation. They want to see that you understand how they are feeling and that you have the necessary experience to supply the help that they need.

So if your website talks about your firm more than the client, and mentions that you were ‘formed in 1832’ as the opening line on your home page, just after the word WELCOME in bold, you really do have some problems. The good news is that these are problems that can easily and cheaply be fixed.

Put yourself in the position of your potential clients and rewrite your website content to solve their problems. When you do this you will instantly start to generate more leads from the visitors who are currently reaching your website but also sadly leaving it before they take any action.

I mentioned at the beginning that this is a simple tip, but please do not think it is important. It is massively so, so please do consider it and act upon it. I promise you that you will soon be thanking me for it!

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