How Can Solicitors Build Client Loyalty?

Building “client loyalty” is an essential task for all solicitors to strive for. When a client who has asked you to help them with their legal issues next needs help you want to be sure that the only firm they even consider asking to help them is yours. The question is, can you still build client loyalty for your law firm? I believe you can and this is how you can do it.

How To Build A Generate A Law Firm Client For Life

  • Average service is no longer good enough, exceptional service is paramount. Now if you are thinking that you cannot provide an exceptional service when your fees are already so low, then that is part of the problem. You are not doing all of the things that you need to do to generate clients who are prepared to pay a reasonable fee for your legal services so you must first change that!
  • You have to be more creative in how you deliver your service and more inventive in solving problems for your clients. Having the legal knowledge is not sufficient, you have to use that knowledge in more commercially astute ways to settle legal disputes and overcome obstacles. This is what your future competitors will do. How often do you spend every month thinking how you could improve the service you provide? If the answer is no time at all, I strongly recommend that you change this.
  • You need to start owning your client by communicating with them relentlessly. This includes telliing them how else you can help them, not just at the end of a transaction, but at the beginning, during and long after their current instruction. This should also include (but not be limited to) ‘newsletters’ (I use that term loosely as I am not a fan – what I mean is at least a monthly firm communication but with helpful information, not droning on about how you have recruited a new member of staff to show how well you are doing because your clients simply do not care about that), regular “snippets” of information in easy to digest formats, helpful ‘how to’ guides, top 10 sheets, postcards, birthday cards, special offers and brochures. You need to be in touch with your clients AT LEAST once a month, if not more. How can you expect your client to remember you and call you “their solicitor” if you are not communicating with them on a regular basis?

Only when your clients do not even think of going elsewhere because you have provided them with so much useful information can you start to think of a client for life. But if you take these steps, you are well on the way. You see your clients are just like everyone else: they are short of the most important asset, their time.

Everything that saps their time and energy is a drain and prevents them from doing what they would prefer to be doing. This includes having to take the time and effort to change their legal supplier. If you are doing a great job, or even a good job, it is easier for your clients to keep using you than it is to spend time finding a new solicitor: “It is better the devil you know”…..

What are you doing to create client loyalty for your firm?

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