Washing The Soles Of Your Feet Part 2

My first article about washing the soles of your feet provoked many a reaction, lots of you telling me that you too scrub the soles of your feet, others asking for more of an explanation of how it relates to marketing your practice.

Whilst I won’t name and shame those that don’t scrub, I can gladly offer some more examples of how solicitors own “perceptions” of what will and won’t work from a marketing point of view have prevented them from increasing their profits.

Here are some of my real examples.

Website Marketing

A solicitor that did not believe they could generate new client instructions (yes instructions not leads) from the internet now generating thousands of pounds worth of profit costs each and every month from their website.

Pay Per Click Advertising

I must have been told 1,000 times by solicitors that pay per click advertising with Google does not work for law firms. "I don’t click on those advertisements on the right hand side so why would anyone else?".

On the other hand, I have some many of my clients brining in fee income of anything from £1,000 to £10,000 per month exclusively from pay per click campaigns. Who is right then?

Client Database

Many solicitors who did not have any form of communicating with their clients now doing so on a regular basis quickly and easily and generating new instructions as a result.


How rewriting advertisements from general ‘list all services’ advertisements to specific ‘lead generation advertisements’ (the subject of Lesson 2 from my Marketing4Solicitors ToolKit) has created a database of clients eager to learn more about the subject in question.


Whether you believe a method of marketing will or will not work for your practice is not important. The only way to truly find out is to try every form of marketing once. If it works keep doing it, if it doesn’t try something else. You must keep adding new methods of generating new leads to build a long term profitable practice.

Washing the soles of your feet part 1.

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