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I had an email which made me laugh the other day. The email suggested that I had too much content on my website, that I should reduce the number of pages that I have overall and then the ‘intrigue’ of people wanting to find our more would be much better from me. The writer ended with a “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way”. I am still smiling widely as I write this.

I often hear this; from solicitors and other business owners. They have a hunch that they should not say too much on their website. They say you have to keep people guessing, and make them work out if you really know what you are talking about. Well let them continue with these thoughts, because it will allow all of you who follow my advice to storm above them in the search engine charts. Google needs content. Adding new content to your website tells Google your website is a living, breathing being which it rewards with more traffic. I did not take any offence from the person above – how could I? – I receive more traffic than probably anyone else doing what I do. Now clearly I am not going to follow the advice, I pointed out to the writer why, I dare say they will not listen and do their own thing, fail abysmally and then of course blame the economy rather than their inability to follow good advice if their lack of new business causes them problems.

One of the last law firms I worked for I left with a fantastic, detailed and content full website. It attracted lots of visitors and lots of enquiries. I was staggered to meet a partner from the firm some months after I left who was crowing when he said “We have replaced that website you did with a much shorter, cleaner five page website”. You should have seen his face drop when I pointed out that he would not receive any more visitors now. Too late, the damage was done and enquiries from their website duly plummeted!

I go into detail about how to generate website traffic using both paid and unpaid methods of traffic in Marketing4Solicitors. Solicitors who follow my advice generate significant volumes of traffic. One firm went from 3,000 visits a month to over 12,000 in just over a year with the volume of enquiries increasing in line with the traffic. Another person on Marketing4Solicitors follows my Google Pay Per Click advice and recently sent me this unsolicited testimonial:

“When I started receiving Nick’s advice on pay per click advertising, I followed some of it [with a considerable degree of success] but really didn’t think it was necessary to follow it all. Well, not for the 1st time, I have had to eat my words. In the last year or so I have mended my ways and now follow Nick’s advice to the letter. The statistics speak for themselves.

In the period 19/6/10 to 18/7/10 my monthly pay per click campaign cost me £1,831.58 [that’s 735 clicks at an average of £2.49 each]. I thought that was pretty good. However, since taking on all of Nick’s advice, the identical period this year saw a massive improvement in broadly identical campaigns – 1,078 clicks at an average of just £1.64 each, totalling £1,764.77.

So not only have I saved myself over £50 every month, but I also get almost 50% more clicks! That’s what I call a result – well done Nick!”

Tim Bishop, Managing Director, Bonallack And Bishop Solicitors Salisbury

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