How Do Your Numbers Stack Up In Your Law Firm?

If you are serious about growing your law firm, you absolutely have to know your crucial numbers; your Key Performance Indicators if you prefer. If you do not, you will never grow a law firm that will attract a high sale price.

How Do Your Numbers Stack Up In Your Law Firm?

“How do your numbers stack up whilst you’re away?”

When you take a holiday, do new clients still pour into your practice, do new files get opened and bills get billed?

If not, why not?

The only way to successfully grow a law firm is to set it up so that it runs and grows without you in the middle of everything. Whilst your firm still relies on you to generate clients, open files and do the billing, it isn’t so much as a business as a lifestyle business.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that that is a problem, many solicitors run a lifestyle business that pays them a good wage and they are very happy with that.

If, however, you aspire to building a law firm that at some point in the future you can sell, for a handsome profit no less, then you need your firm to run like clockwork without you.

This is what I teach in my forthcoming book, The Law Firm Growth Formula, which is in its final edit stages before publishing.

Every month you, as the law firm owner, should be running your key numbers, ensuring that they are all going in the right direction, then ordering action to be taken if they are not. You don’t take the action, you supervise and ensure the action gets taken. This is how you grow a profitable law firm.

One number you should always track is your website numbers, yet most solicitors, I know from asking, do not do this.

So I have a new ‘micro’ service for you. If you would like an email report every month showing you how your website is performing, whether your numbers are up or down, which pages are the most visited and which pages bring in the most traffic then simply let me know and I will send you full details.

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