Amo, Amas, Amat And Getting The Right Price For Your Legal Services

If you did Latin at school, as I did, that will immediately take you back to your learning days.

It still does me.

Portacabin. Check.

Tiny desks. Check.

Too hot. Check.

Getting The Right Price For Your Legal Services
Getting The Right Price For Your Legal Services

Mrs Cameron at the front of the class, grey hair, lovely gentle lady, doing her best to control 30 odd children with very little interest in the Latin language.

I was quite good at Latin. It just seemed to stick. Well, that was until I lost interest in all things education in the year leading up to my “O” levels (yep, I am that old).

One day, I decided to give Mrs Cameron a chance to win me back over. As I say, she was a very nice lady.

“Mrs Cameron” I said. “What use can this subject be to me in my future life? How will I use it in a job?”

“Ermm….” Was her response. She drifted off and thought about it for a while, but that was it. She couldn’t think of anything.

Oh the irony of it all as some years later I become a solicitor! Quite a lot of Latin involved in being a solicitor.

My question for you is this: "Are you making the same mistake as the lovely Mrs Cameron?"

When someone asks for the price of your legal services, do you just give it to them without any thought about the value of your service to that person?

Rather than saying “We charge £750 plus VAT and disbursements for our conveyancing” do you take the time to discover that this is your prospect’s dream house that they have been waiting their whole life to buy, making the value of your service incredibly high for them? (By the way, nobody but you knows what disbursements means, so don’t use that term either).

If someone asks you to help them with a business contract, do you just provide a fixed price or do you find out about the services that they provide, cover the potential costs of a contract being incorrectly drafted and leading to a dispute in court so that they fully appreciate the value to them?

The mistake solicitors usually make is that they sell the transaction.

They sell the Latin, not the profession the Latin could help someone with.

They sell the feature, not the benefit.

They sell what they do, not what this means to the client.

When you really crack this. Really, really crack it, selling your services at a price higher than many of your competitors becomes easy.

It is a topic that I am fascinated by. It led to me creating a whole blueprint about it – The Meaningful Conversation, blueprint 3 available as soon as you join Marketing4Solicitors, which you can find out more about by clicking the button below:

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