The Law Firm Growth Formula Book – Finished!

I have had a task of epic proportions on my list for far too many months, and yesterday I finished it (2nd March 2017).

The Law Firm Growth Formula
The Law Firm Growth Formula – Now on Amazon

The feeling of relief and pleasure is immense.

It wasn’t that the task was horrible or that I didn’t enjoy doing it; it was just one of those tasks that had to be done ‘as well as’ all of my other tasks and my client work.

I decided to get as much of it done as possible done yesterday.

I refused myself permission to go to my office first thing as I knew then that there would be a real danger of avoiding the task, so I hit the road.

I drove down the M5 and stopped at the first services, Sedgemoor Services. I love those services.

When I lived in Bucks and Berks that was our first stop on the way to our annual holiday pilgrimage to Hope Cove.

In those days, they consisted of two portacabins; one selling the tea and coffee mum and dad craved and one selling the Beano summer annual which let me know that my summer holiday had arrived.

Anyway, reminiscing over Jervis..

Now they are a big, shiny new services. I used the two hours permitted for parking to work hard on my task. Headphones on, no distractions, I made good progress.

A jaunt down to Bridgwater services and another good chunk of task completed.

Starting the journey back up I decided to head to the Webbington Hotel as I have seen it for years driving up the M5 nestled into the Mendips on the right hand side, but I had never been in it. I won’t rush back.

I was finding the drive time in between the task time very useful as it was clarifying the last few stages of the task, so I decided to head back up to my offices in Portishead.

At 7pm yesterday the task was complete.

The task was The Law Firm Growth Formula; my book.

I remember when I first left the law the idea that I could leave my desk and still be working took a long time to sink in. All of those years of conditioning that work meant being tied to a desk took a long time to shake off.

However, I now know that my best creative work always happens when I am either on my feet or far away from my desk.

Most of my Consultancy and Google Adwords clients tell me the same too. When they do not go into their offices they get a lot more done.

Do you give yourself time and permission to work away from your desk?

You can now view the book on Amazon:


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