Resurrect the Law Firm ‘client for life’! Solicitors Marketing Tips

Do you remember how it used to be?

You had a client and they were usually a client for life. When they needed a solicitor, they just came back to you. They didn’t ring around. They didn’t (couldn’t) Google, they just went back to ‘their solicitor’.

Then advertising was allowed, then the internet came along and new competitors too. The whole legal word changed.

Suddenly there is no such thing as a client for life.

Email Newsletters For Solicitors

Or is there?

Some things do come back; the client for life is one of them.

Much like local butcher’s shops are thriving again, you can generate clients for life, but you have to do this by the new rules of play.

You have to make a little bit of effort.

A little, but not a lot.

You have to keep in touch with all of your prospects and former clients at least once a month forever.

Do this and you will create clients for life.

As Peter says:

“We have been sending a regular email newsletter for a number of months now and what we have noticed is that the recommendations and referrals we are receiving are rising all of the time.”

Peter Russell, Solicitor.

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