Law Firm Marketing MOT Part 3

I hope you are enjoying the fantastic sunshine this week. You can tell we are a country that is usually starved of it as across all of the legal websites I manage traffic is consistently lower. Emails have dropped off and the world is a much quieter place, which makes it a great time and opportunity to get stuck in to some marketing to ensure that you are ready when your latest clients and prospects are looking for you. Just a few hours spent on marketing now, if done in the right way, could reward you many, many times over with new client instructions in the future.

So what else could you be doing right now to generate new instructions for your practice in the future?


A blog is simple. A blog allows you to add content to your existing website immediately without any need for a website designer or developer (i.e. for no external cost). Once you have paid for someone to add your blog to your website, it is then incredibly simple for you to add regular (or irregular) new content to your website. This is a huge advantage for you, for your prospects and for Google which devours blog content.

To give you an idea of how much Google likes blog posts, yesterday I added a short blog to my website and within seconds of publishing the article I could see from my live website tracking software that the Google robot came straight in and snaffled it up! It cannot have been more than 10 seconds so Google really does love Blog content, especially if you can add to it consistently.

However, with WordPress, my preferred blogging software, you can even make consistent addition of content simple, as it allows you to schedule content as far ahead as you like. So if you are a batch worker, and like to dictate or type several articles at once, you can tell WordPress to publish one a week for the next four or five weeks. Once Google realises that you are now a regular blogger, it rewards you with better search results. So that article you write today whilst everyone else is sunning themselves, called “Finding A Conveyancing Solicitor in Bristol”, could bring you new website visitors every week or month for the next five years.

Please think about this for a moment, as it is the secret to the future success of your website. If you write a blog post about “Finding A Conveyancing Solicitor in Bristol” or similar today, and because it is so very focused and your blog is working well with Google, you end up on the first page of Google (which happens consistently), you might attract another 10 visitors a month to your website (being conservative so that you stay with me).

However, if you add one blog a week for a year and each one attracts 10 new visitors a month, that is now 520 extra visitors a month in one years time, or 1040 if you add two blog posts per week. Bear in mind that the average conversion rate from visitors to new enquiries(and this varies hugely from website to website, and legal service to legal service) is around 2%, this means in one year just by blogging alone you could have an extra 10 enquiries a month, or 20 if you blog twice a week. When you add those results to your other website marketing results such as search engine marketing and google pay per click, you can see why so many solicitors I work with are receiving over 100 new enquiries a month from their websites, and how you could be too!

Blogging is a fantastic way of adding new content to your existing website, at the same time as winning you some new instructions!

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