Middle Lane Drivers

I had to travel on the motorway at the weekend and one of my pet hates seemed to be out in force: middle lane drivers. They sit in the middle lane, not overtaking anything or anyone in site and often going more slowly than the people on the inside slow lane. These middle lane hoggers must cause millions of pounds of delays every year as the outside lane then builds up with traffic waiting to overtake them. If only they would do what they are supposed to do and move to the inside lane traffic would flow more freely, there would be less delays and I would have one less thing to moan about (this must be an age thing as I warm up into my 40’s there is definitely more that I find frustrating).

I was thinking about these middle lane hogs and business in general. They are clearly not the best drivers in the world because they cannot be bothered, or do not understand how the motorway is supposed to work. It made me think of some business owners who do not strive to be the best business, or even close to the best in their class. They are happy to accept average, striving to be the best requires that little bit of extra work.

I find this disappointing, even saddening. I am not saying every law firm has to be perfect, I know that is not achievable. But surely the goal has to be to try to be the best. To try and have the best marketing, the best website, provide the best service and watch your law firm success rise and rise as a result of your efforts? Otherwise, if we do not strive for the best aren’t we just like the middle lane drivers going nowhere in particular not particularly fast?

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