My Day AT Work With Dad by Sam Jervis

What is marketing ?

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Method of marketing.

There are two main types of marketing: one is called attraction marketing this is for example, when using a website you are searching for something and you find exactly what you are looking for and at the right time.

Another type of marketing is interruption this where you are looking through something like a newspaper and get interrupted with an advert selling something you weren’t necessarily looking for.

My dads website genie?

My dads website genie is a piece of software whereby, for example, if you are having 100 people view your website and only 1 person stays and takes action on your website Your Website Genie will help your number go up and your amount of clients will go up and your profits in business go up.

Your Website Genie works whereby after being on a website for more than 30 seconds a box will appear (The Genie), this box will ask you if you want any help, you would then say yes and then enter a question and that will be answered and will help you to improve your profits because more than one person out of every 100 is making contact with you.

Products or services which ones better?

Products are a much easier to sell online, because people know what they are looking for and what they are buying so it is easier to promote them. Services are not so easy to sell because people are not often 100% sure what they are looking for.

What does my dad do?

The type of people my dad helps is people who’s website is not getting the amount of money it should do from people looking for those types of services online. He also helps people by getting them clients as they are not so good at that part so he will help get them clients. The ultimate thing the clients get from his service is getting more clients and more profits.

He is very good at what he does because he is very hard working and enthusiastic and the perfect man to get you the clients you need to help you get your profits up every year.

He runs two main companies which are Samson Consulting and Your Website Genie all very good companies and so if you are in any trouble make sure to check out those 2 website and watch your profits go up.

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