Perfection Is Dull!

Perfection Kills Momentum

You know that I am not a fan of perfection when it comes to marketing. But now it has a new meaning to me: my perfect Christmas tree. I was looking at it last night and realised it is absolutely perfect. It has the right shape, it is the right size and it hangs just beautifully. Then it struck me how absolutely dull it is.

It has no story attached to it and it does not make me laugh thinking about it. You see every year our Christmas tree always has a story attached to it. One year I went completely over the top height wise and had to cut about two feet off the top and the bottom of the tree – why I thought I suddenly had a 12 foot high living room I have no idea. Another year we got the widest tree you could find. It meant everyone had to squeeze around it to get into the lounge. Then a couple of years ago I told a friend where we got our tree from and he decided to come with us. The problems came when trying to put his Christmas tree through the netting tube and it got stuck. The two young men serving clearly had taken a shine to my friend (which he was not best pleased about) and so with the three of them trying to heave the tree through the machine, every grunt and groan was exaggerated. I have not laughed so much in a long time. Even last year involved me trying to put the roof rack on the car after a lunchtime Christmas party, scratching my car in a rush because the garden centre was shutting in 10 minutes and choosing a larger than required tree….

This year we chose the tree quickly, it flew through the tree netting machine, it fitted onto the correctly fitted roof rack and we put it up easily with no real cutting required. It was all just too easy and too perfect. It has absolutely no story attached to it.

The story is such a crucial part of any event, service or product. Do you remember Remington, the advertisements used to say he loved the razors so much he bought the company? At the moment those pesky meerkats are everywhere, because they now have a story created from the advertising campaign. The story sold and now all of my friends with young children have to buy meerkats for Christmas. And let’s face it, they are pretty ugly critters!

So two thoughts, are you allowing your ‘story’ to come through on your website and in your promotional literature? Stories sell, people remember stories and connect with you through stories. And secondly, perfection kills momentum and perfection is dull. Strive to be very good, but have a bit of character in all that you do or you will be just like my Christmas tree, too perfect!

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