Solicitors Email Marketing Templates & Haynes Car Manuals

I remember my first car very fondly. It was a red Ford Fiesta, registration DPW 788T.

Haynes Law Firm Growth Formula AnnualThings were a little different back then, as I remember saving madly to buy my first car. Finally, I had the £600 required and I was able to drive her home. My children seem to have had an easier car buying experience.

Cars weren’t quite the same in those days either, were they? If you are more mature (older if you like), you will remember that they rarely started first time. There was certainly no button to press to ‘fire up the quattro’, just a little old key to turn followed by hoping that the car would start.

Often, mine didn’t, which is why I turned to the manual of all car manuals, Haynes.

They had a manual for every major car brand, and they were very straightforward.

My favourite part was when my car wouldn’t start. I looked to the correct page and there in all of its glory was the solution to the problem:

“Hit the alternator with a hammer.”

Really, I thought?

I looked for other solutions, but there were none for this problem.

So I duly thwacked the alternator with the hammer, turned the key, not with a great deal of expectation, and my little red marvel fired up straight away. I never went anywhere in the red marvel after that time without my trusty hammer. It served me well.

Cars now are much more complicated. If I open the bonnet of a modern car, as I did with my daughter’s car yesterday to add screen washer fluid, there is a sheer mass of sealed metal looking back at me, seemingly with nothing resembling anything that I should hit with a hammer.

The car manufacturers have made cars better and stopped people like me tinkering with them. Owners now need to go to someone with a ‘special hammer’ to fix their problems.

It is nice to have instructions to follow to make life easier, isn’t it?

Do this, then that, then expect this result.


Who wouldn’t want that?

So, with that in mind, would you like a template to follow to draft your email newsletter, because I am feeling generous and want to give you one of the very many templates, formulas and processes that are included inside my book The Law Firm Growth Formula.

When I wrote that book it was very much with the intention that it would be the Haynes Manual For Growing A Law Firm. From some of the lovely feedback I have received it seems that I hit the mark, which makes me a very happy man!

The book certainly isn’t a book full of fluff and theory. It is a very practical book that tells you what to do, in minute detail, to grow from a few hundred thousand turnover to a million, or £1 million to £3 million or £5 million to £10 million.

Let me show you how practical it is with this email marketing template which comes from the book. It is a template that you can use for your monthly email. It is a template that many of my clients do use each and every month for their emails.

It is the same template that I use for clients who are members of my ‘done for you’ email marketing service, whereby we write two new articles for their website every month, add them to their website and prepare their email marketing newsletter and send it for them. If you don’t want to or can’t get around to doing your email marketing yourself but you know that you should be doing it, you can read more about it here: //

Here is the template for you – Solicitors Email Marketing Templates & Haynes Car ManualsPlease let me know what you think, and feel free to adapt and use it for your own email marketing but please so share your experience with me. I like to hear when solicitors take action based on my advice and see amazing results. It fills me with joy.

If you need more help with your email marketing, click the button to download my guide below:
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Case Study

One Partner Law Firm Changes Direction

We’ve been working with Nick about 10 years and throughout this time I have always valued his expertise.

When we first made contact with Nick we had been recommended to get in touch with him by another solicitor to “give us a hand with marketing”.

At that time we were focusing on personal injury work, but we had already decided to enter the medical negligence market.

Obviously breaking into a new market takes time and we still needed the income that came from the personal injury work to finance this going forward.

Nick put together a high conversion website which meant we had all the personal injury work that we needed allowing us to build the medical negligence side of things up gradually.

Now we specialise exclusively in medical negligence. Nick has been part of that growth in terms of strategy and the use of Google Adwords to generate good quality leads.

As part of that, he helped us with the entire website build, making it very marketing focused and it has worked extremely well.

As a result our firm has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling fee earing staff and turnover.

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