Solicitors – It’s nearly Christmas, so give up?

I have had so many conversations recently with solicitors explaining to me that there is no point doing anything marketing wise at the moment because it is close to Christmas and the world is on go slow.Solicitors - It’s nearly Christmas, so give up?

This is totally the wrong way to think about it.


Because this is exactly what the rest of the legal world is saying, so you should completely do the opposite, which is one of my favourite sayings:

“If everyone else is doing it, I should probably be doing something completely different!” 

Now is the time to start that Google Ads campaign so that by the time 2019 starts you already have some data to work from to really ramp things up and win a lot of new client instructions.

Now is the time to plan your referral campaign (a topic of this month’s double issue of Marketing4Solicitors – jump on the waiting list if you would like to know when it is going to print:

Now is the time to start your email marketing software and upload your database so that you can send out the first emails early in January to make the most of the legal seasonal trends.

Now is not the time to sit on your laurels.

Now is the time to make plans and take early action so that you start 2019 at a canter whilst the rest of the legal world doesn’t really get going until February at the earliest.


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