Solicitors, first refusal for you – new clients delivered to your inbox (no effort on your part)

I have been marketing legal services since 1991. I have been marketing legal services full time running my own business since 2003.

In all that time, one of the things that I am consistently asked is “Nick, can you get me some more clients please?”

“Yes, of course” I reply. “Let me show you what to do and then you can go off and do it and generate more clients.”

“No, Nick, can you just do it all and generate the new enquiries for me without me having to do anything please? I am busy running my law firm but I do need more clients, so please can you do that for me?”

I have been hearing this consistently since 2003. Seeing as it is now 2018, it strikes me that I might be a little bit slow on the uptake, but I am at least now doing something about that.

I have been beta testing a new website and generating quite a few enquiries for Lasting Power of Attorneys Solicitors, first refusal for you - new clients delivered to your inbox (no effort on your part)(my test campaign). It has been working well. The service will cover ALL areas of law, not just Lasting Powers of Attorney. I have already generated employment law enquiries, civil litigation, family law and property enquiries too.

I am looking to generate coverage across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland so that solicitors working with me receive new client enquiries without lifting a finger. Whilst this will of course be a paid service in time, I need solicitors willing and able to help clients making enquiries right now.

If you are interested in receiving these free enquiries now but also in being offered first refusal for the paid scheme when it launches, please email me with the following details:

  • Areas of law that you would like to receive more enquiries for;
  • Your office addresses and postcodes so that I can see which areas you cover; and
  • Your contact details (including telephone number).


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