What Stops A Solicitor From Growing A Law Firm?

Why do some solicitors find it easy to grow their law firm and others struggle?

What stops a solicitor from growing a law firm, yet allows another solicitor to blast on through and dramatically grow his or her law firm?

This is the sort of thing I think about, and analyse, a lot.

If there are two firms with a similar service offering and in similar towns or cities why is that one of them grows their law firm quickly and relatively painlessly, whilst the other one stalls and stays at the same turnover levels year after year?

They might have similar staffing levels, similar amounts to spend on marketing and similar energy levels, but only one of them sees the growth that they desire. Why?

In my analysis, one thing stands out more than others.

The law firm owner’s vision, whether that be a personal or a business one, which is linked to the growth that he or she wants to see.

For example, they might be using their law firm to provide a new home, better holidays, or simply have a strong desire and vision to grow it to be the biggest firm of its type in its location.

What is clear though is that they have a vision, and that vision is crystal clear.

Why does this matter?

It matters because at some point, often many points, the solicitor’s resolve is going to be tested. If, at the point that the resolve is tested, the owner does not have a vision to ensure that he gets past this obstacle, he or she might give up and decide it is easier not to bother.

“Why bother changing if it is too much like work. I will just stay where I am. I am doing ok. I see people doing a lot worse, so why not just stay here.”

So they do.

This what someone without a vision will say and do. I have seen it.

However, someone who has a vision that is linked to their growth plans says:

“Another obstacle. Damn why is this so hard. I could do with an easy life. Why should I bother?”

At this point, he or she, remembers why they are doing what they are doing.

“Right, enough wallowing. I have to find a way around this. I won’t let one small obstacle stop me. It is too important to me.”

Guess what. They find an answer to that problem, and the next one, and the next one until they arrive where they wanted to be.

What’s your vision that keeps you going?

If you don’t have one, isn’t it time that you did?

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