Why Solicitors Should Not Be Scared Of Marketing Their Law Firms

I know from experiece that often even the word ‘marketing’ terrifies some solicitors. They hear the word or think about the word and go into a blind sweat or panic. Solicitors should not be scared of marketing though. Let me explain why by showing you some simple marketing you can do that works.

If you want one simple thing to do to win some more clients, start here:

  1. Look at the last month. Which source has delivered the most new clients to you? If you don’t know, make your task this month to track this better. When you do know, move on to step two;
  2. Make this marketing method work harder for you.

If it is referrals that is working best for you, actively seek out some more referrals or make contact with old referrers who you notice haven’t sent you any work for a while. Maybe whilst its quiet over the summer take them out for a coffee or lunch. Show genuine interest in them rather than simply asking for more referrals and they will come naturally.

If it is your website that is your biggest producer, make it better. Look at your Google Analytics and see which are the most frequently visited pages (login then head to Behaviour/Site Content / All Pages) then work on making them better. Ensure they end with a call to action which includes your linked telephone number (so that the 70% of your visitors on mobile devices can ‘click to call you’), an email address and enquiry form.

If your best source of work is walk-ins, what can you do to make the front of your building even more visible. Signage is one of the most under rated but powerful marketing tools for solicitors. A Boards, facing the footfall and traffic are very good too.

Once you know which method is your best provider of new instructions, starting with improving that is a very good move.

If you don’t know what it is, find out. It matters.

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