What Stops Most Law Firms From Growing?

What Stops Most Law Firms From Growing?Does Gareth Southgate fill the water bottles for his football team?

Does Richard Branson make minor changes to his website?

Did Steve Jobs sweep the floor of the Apple offices?

Does any business owner of a hugely successful business do minor tasks that they could pay someone £10, £15 or £50 an hour to do for them?

No, of course not.

So then; as a law firm owner, if you are tweaking your own website, running your own Google Adwords account or preparing your own expenses sheet when you can pay someone to do this for you for a fraction of the value of your time (and probably with a better outcome) you are doing so at the expense of the growth of your firm.

If you are checking emails firs thing in the morning and letting the world set the agenda for your day instead of spending the first 30 minutes of every day working on the growth of your law firm you are hindering your performance.

Stop it.

It is when you stop doing these things and start being the manager of people doing these for you that you will see your law firm thrive!

Would you indulge me for a moment please? Think about what you have spent your time doing this morning, before this email landed in your inbox just before lunch.

If you haven’t done anything related to making your law firm a better and stronger business, that has to change if you are serious about growth.

Are you?

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