7 Marketing Ideas For Solicitors And Law Firm Owners To Win New Clients

7 Marketing Ideas For Solicitors To Win New ClientsSometimes solicitors get stuck in a rut. They keep running the same marketing tactics that they have always run. Well, I want to give you some other things to think about to break you free, so here are 7 marketing ideas for law firm owners to win new clients that you could try today!

  1. Add live chat to your website that is managed for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for you without you lifting a finger. I recommend a provider who is currently offering the first 10 hosted chats completely free of charge. Simply download my guide at the bottom of this page then email me when I send you the book if you would like an introduction (limited to first 10 to reply). This live chat has increased enquiries many times over for many of my clients.
  2. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile headline tells people who you help, what you do and the results that you obtain for them.
  3. Connect with five potential clients on LinkedIn once you’ve made the change above.
  4. Call a prospect who has enquired about your services but not yet instructed you to ask them if they have any outstanding questions that you can help them with.
  5. Add a P.S to your outgoing client emails along the lines of “If you don’t yet have a Lasting Power of Attorney, ask me why you must obtain one soon.”
  6. Send an email to your database. Don’t have one yet. Start one today! Download my email marketing guide from here: //www.samsonconsulting.co.uk/free-guides/email-marketing-solicitors/

Like more ideas?

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