Husband And Wife Law Firms

I have quite a lot of husband and wife law firms on my client book, and I REALLY enjoy working with them. Whereas normally I only like to work with a sole decision maker, because two partners or more leads to conflict, delays and inaction, the fact that husband and wife law firms are completely aligned in their goals for their life and their law firm means that we can take action and make progress very quickly.

Nick Jervis On Working With Husband And Wife Law FirmsAll of my joy from my law firm firm marketing consultancy comes from working in partnership with my clients, advising them what to do to grow their law firm, then guiding them through the growth processes.

Therefore, when I work with husband and wife law firms, the alignment from us all on the joint mission leads to fast results, especially as my clients have each other to lean on through the process.

Are You A Husband And Wife Law Firm?

If you are a husband and wife law firm and are keen to grow your law firm, increase your profits and spend more time with each other and your family, we should talk.

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