90 Day Law Firm Marketing Plan Template

I wonder how many of you have 5 year business plans? I would hope in these days that many more would answer that question positively. However, how many then break this down into even more manageable chunks? 1 year, or how about 90 day plans?

Think about this in practice. If you have no plan and no goals to achieve within the next 90 days what will you achieve? You may have one or two achievements, but if you have a defined set of goals displayed on your wall or hidden in your top drawer (but seen every day) do you think you might achieve more?

What Shall I Put In The Plan?

This very much depends on your overall business plan. For instance, if you are aiming to attract new referrers or introducers of business in any of your legal departments, it is clear you will need to make contact with potential new work sources. If you aim to recruit one new one each year you will clearly need to contact several to manage to obtain at least one meeting. Depending on the percentages you may need to make personal contact with 12 to have three meetings to lead to one new work source. The figures will vary significantly depending on the sector, but there will be a pattern, there always is in any sales environment, legal services are no exception. So if these figures are correct, you will need to speak to at least four potential sources in your 90 day plan, or one/two every 30 days. Doesn’t that make it easier to achieve? Just by knowing that every 30 days you need to be speaking to someone aren’t you more likely to succeed?

Breaking your challenge into smaller chunks also means you will have much better prospects of success. If you have only a 12 month plan, then if like most practices you pull this out of your urgent pile one month before the partners meeting to see that you need to contact 12 sources, what do you expect your results will be then? You will be rushing, contacting any potential sources instead of the right ones and not preparing properly. If you were on the fourth of your 90 day plans, more likely than not you would have set yourself a target of two contacts a month and actually introduced two new work sources instead of one, and thereby shining like a beacon in your partners meeting!

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