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When is the best time to start your law firm? Do you need a High Street presence, or can you operate from home and generate clients from your website? How much marketing budget do you need to start your law firm?

If these questions and many, many more are currently running around your head at the moment, I can help you. More importantly, I can save you thousands of pounds in wasted marketing spend.

I have been helping solicitors to promote their legal services since 2003. Before then, I was a practising solicitor, but marketing legal services has always been my passion.

I have a huge problem though, and you might too. Frequently, solicitors come to me too late.

They come to me when they have already spent (wasted) thousands of pounds on a website from a major provider that WILL NEVER generate any clients for them. There are many reasons for this, the most common one being that they use their own ‘bespoke’ content management system, for which read “This ensures that you are tied to our service forever and can never leave, despite the fact that we will build you a website which will never do what you need it to do for you; namely generate clients”..

Or they ask for my opinion about the advertisement that they have just placed having spent hundreds of pounds producing it, which from looking I know will never make their telephone ring.

Some come to me having just spent thousands on High Street office premises which simply will never repay the investment.

Please, please do not make these mistakes. I am here to help you and to save you money.

Why? What’s in it for me?

For the majority of you, nothing. My services will simply not be suitable for you, but that is fine. I get a lot of satisfaction from saving solicitors from wasting their money. I get more satisfaction from ensuring that they start a profitable and successful law firm rather than spend months sitting at their desk praying for their telephone to ring.

Some of these solicitors will tell their legal friends to come to me. Others will be a perfect match for me so I will help them.

So please, take just two minutes to enter your details in the form below, and let me save you from some ghastly mistakes, sleepless nights and an empty billing book. I have done it many times before, so please let me help you too.

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