Are You Struggling Like This Solicitor Was With His Marketing?

“I assumed that I wasn’t the only solicitor who had seen his instructions reducing steadily over the last few years, but just to confirm this I asked a few other local sole practitioners. What they said really surprised me. They said that they were doing fine. I thought there might be some ‘playing me’ in this, but I could tell from their demeanour that they actually meant it. So if they were still winning the same amount of new client instructions, why wasn’t I?

As soon as I thought about it, I realised the answer. When the recession hit the first thing I did was to cut back on my advertising and marketing: completely the wrong thing to do I realise now. So I started to do some more advertising and marketing and the phone rang a bit more. This got me interested, and then I found Nick Jervis’ website. What he said in his emails made real sense to me, and I realised that I was only scratching the surface of what I could be doing. I joined his Marketing4Solicitors service and found a wealth of marketing information from someone with enough experience to know what works and what does not work when marketing a Solicitors Practice.

In only a few months of change I am now generating 10 times the number of enquiries I was generating before I started actively marketing my firm.”

This is based on a telephone interview I conducted recently with a relatively new Marketing4Solicitors member. Does any of this ring true with you? Are you in the position this gentleman was in before he started taking positive action? Would you like to arrest the slide and turn things around? Can I please help you to do this? The best place to start is to download my free guide by entering your details below, it is the same way this happy solicitor started….

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