A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…

A funny thing happened to me yesterday, and with the launch of our legal newsletters service yesterday I could not have timed this any better.

As with any marketing advice I provide to my paying clients, whether through Marketing4Solicitors or retainer consultancy work, I have tried every method that I advise them to use. So when I tell you to use newsletters to grow a prospect database and to ensure that they do not forget that you are there and what you can do for them, I use newsletters for the same purpose in my business. I send my marketing newsletter out regularly and most importantly of all consistently, so that when a solicitor finally reaches the point where he or she realises they need help with their marketing, I am in the enviable position of being only one of one marketing consultants that they would like to work with.

So what was the funny thing that happened? Well, a solicitor received one of my marketing newsletters yesterday and at the foot of it there was a link to a page which explains everything there is to know about my Marketing4Solicitors service. I will share the link with you too at the foot of this article, but I want you to hear the funny thing first. Whenever someone joins Marketing4Solicitors I like to login to my database and see when they first found me and came onto my database. In doing this yesterday I discovered that solicitor who clicked the link and joined my Marketing4Solicitors service had been receiving my email marketing newsletters for two years and six months! Two years and six months of hearing from me more or less every single week (barring Christmas etc). It has taken two years and six months for him to be in a position to feel that the time is right to try Marketing4Solicitors. If I had just sent one email and hoped that would be enough, he would have slipped through the net. If I had sent one a month for a year but then gave up, again he would have left me without trying any of my services. By regularly communicating with him for 30 months I have achieved a sale which I would not have otherwise achieved. When you add to this the fact that there are around 2,000 solicitors on my email marketing database, you can perhaps see how beneficial my marketing newsletter is to my business. I promise you this, I would not be without it (and might not have a business if I did not have my email newsletter).

And this is great news for you. You too must have an email newsletter and must send a communication to your clients at least once a month. If you do this consistently, week in week out, people who you add to your database will come back to you and you alone the next time they need a solicitor. They will not be calling around three or four solicitors that they have found online. They will just be calling you, and as long as you quote a reasonable sum, they will ask you to help them. A legal newsletter builds trust and proves expertise beyond any other form of marketing. I would not be without my email newsletter, you should not be without yours. Have you got one?

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