Blogging For Solicitors. Don’t Forget To Ask For The Sale!

I was excited! I had been searching for a new service provider to fill a gap in my support team for some time, but now I needed to take action.

Blogging For Solicitors. Don’t Forget To Ask For The Sale!I am not a huge fan of hiring staff in my business, I think due to the fact that one of the biggest problems my legal consultancy clients all share is staff. For that reason, I prefer to outsource when I can.

I made contact with two of them, but on the third one’s website I came across a full blown, armour plated “New Client Avoidance Scheme”.

It was simply impossible to contact the company.

The ONLY method of contact, across their entire website, was a contact form on the contact page.

This was bad enough in and of itself (see below) but on this occasion I could not complete the enquiry form because their Google Recaptcha (spam) code wasn’t working.

The service that I was looking to buy costs around £300 PER MONTH, so here is a business losing nearly £4,000 per annum from my business, but more likely than not the same sum from many other businesses too.

The thing that is particularly frustrating is that I was recommended to this company by someone who is helping them with their marketing! So, they are actively seeking new clients and paying to generate them, but failing miserably when it comes to allowing new clients to contact them.

How is your New Client Avoidance Scheme?

There is one place that I see solicitors operating their New Client Avoidance Scheme more than in any others.

It is their website.

They might spend money enticing people to visit their website, either by blogging consistently or spending money on Google Ads (formerly Adwords), the person arrives on the website and likes what they see, reaches the end of the page and then is left wondering what they should do next.

Nowhere at the end of the page is the visitor told what to do if they would like to discover more about the solicitor’s services. They are simply left to their own devices.

Guess what happens?

They hit the back button and go to another law firm website. Eventually they will find a law firm that tells them how to get in touch, whether by calling, emailing or completing a free online enquiry. All of these methods MUST be in existence on every page of your website, especially your blog posts, along with Live Chat hosted by real human beings (not chat bots).

If you fail to have each of these contact methods on your website, you will be missing enquiries for your legal services which otherwise would come your way.

I know this because time and time again I implement this change across a new consultancy client website and on every occasion, so long as they have a reasonable volume of visitors to their website, the phone starts ringing more than it has done before.

So, if you are now blogging consistently, as you should be, ensure that you have all of these methods of contact available.

If you don’t yet have a 24 hours a day, 365/6 days a year Live Chat on your website you will be missing enquiries. Email me if you would like an introduction. It is a fully outsourced service so you don’t need to do a thing once you have signed up.

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