How Often Should Solicitors Add New Blogs To Their Websites?

How often should you blog?

How many clients do you want?

How serious are you about growing your law firm?

How much extra profit would you like to make?

Blogging is a bit like buying premium bonds.

If you buy premium bonds, the more you have then the more chances you have of winning a prize. Only How Often Should Solicitors Add New Blogs To Their Websites?one premium bond gives you the tiniest chance, but 60,000 of them increases your odds of Ernie sending you a prize significantly.

Nearly every single time I talk with a solicitor I look at their website and see if they have a blog. If they do and it actually has some articles on it, I ask if they ever attract any visitors to the website. The response is usually an emphatic “Yes, one of our blogs brings in a few hundred people every month.”

When I follow up with how often they add a new blog, again the usual response is “Rarely, if ever now.”

There is one thing that you can do to guarantee success with your marketing; consistency!

Whatever you do, if you do it consistency, you cannot fail to succeed.

I have clients who I have worked with for many, many years and who have blogged at least once a week for over 5 years, some over 10 years during that time.

These consistent bloggers have more visitors to their websites than any other law firms that I work with and as a consequence every single month they receive dozens (some hundreds) of enquiries for their legal services from visitors to their website.

Success leaves clues.

Will you follow them?




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