Solicitors Marketing Badge Of Honour, COLP & COFA

I recently completed a Zoom meeting for solicitors (over 200) who are clients and contacts of a very smart chap I know who takes care of compliance for solicitors. Apparently, I am told, COLP and COFA are the most exciting things in life (by him), but by my solicitor clients, not so much. So he … Read more

What fat Spiderman can teach you about your law firm…. 

I’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend in Madrid with my wife, my brother and his wife. On one of the days we found ourselves in a beautiful square (Plaza Mayor) which had everything a square should have – monuments, beautiful buildings, loads of eateries and drinkeries and some street entertainment (it was rectangular but … Read more

The Five Levels Of The Law Firm Growth Ladder

This is a ‘work in progress’ article which you can watch as it grows. For some time now I have been analysing the different stages of law firm growth. I have noticed certain commonalities with different stages of the law firm growth process. There are similar challenges, opportunities and threats, which if not overcome, lead … Read more

The Law Firm Growth Formula Book – Finished!

I have had a task of epic proportions on my list for far too many months, and yesterday I finished it (2nd March 2017). The feeling of relief and pleasure is immense. It wasn’t that the task was horrible or that I didn’t enjoy doing it; it was just one of those tasks that had … Read more