Is This Two Letter Word Ruining The Devlopment Of Your Legal Practice?

Is this treacherous two letter word ruining the development of your legal practice?

  • What if I had tried that marketing idea that someone said would work?
  • What if I had tried Pay Per Click marketing to generate new leads?
  • What if I had not given up when I tried Pay Per Click marketing and it did not seem to be working after only a few weeks and not much time spent trying to improve the campaign?
  • What if I had added more content to my website every month, would that have generated more traffic?
  • What if I had turned the articles into Press Releases and submitted them to the local papers on a REGULAR basis, would that have done anything for my practice?
  • What if I/we had let one partner take responsibility for the marketing and not interfered at each step of the way?
  • What if I had spent some money on brochures, posters and other materials to tell people what my firm can do for them?
  • What if I had taken the time to surround myself with experts that I listened to and then I followed their suggestions and implemented their advice?
  • What if I had spent as much time on marketing my business as I had reading law reports/watching television/pursuing my favourite pastime?

Don’t let ‘IF’ ruin your business. Become an ‘Action Taker’ not a ‘What If’er’

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