Is This Two Letter Word Ruining The Devlopment Of Your Legal Practice?

Is this treacherous two letter word ruining the development of your legal practice?

  • What if I had tried that marketing idea that someone said would work?
  • What if I had tried Pay Per Click marketing to generate new leads?
  • What if I had not given up when I tried Pay Per Click marketing and it did not seem to be working after only a few weeks and not much time spent trying to improve the campaign?
  • What if I had added more content to my website every month, would that have generated more traffic?
  • What if I had turned the articles into Press Releases and submitted them to the local papers on a REGULAR basis, would that have done anything for my practice?
  • What if I/we had let one partner take responsibility for the marketing and not interfered at each step of the way?
  • What if I had spent some money on brochures, posters and other materials to tell people what my firm can do for them?
  • What if I had taken the time to surround myself with experts that I listened to and then I followed their suggestions and implemented their advice?
  • What if I had spent as much time on marketing my business as I had reading law reports/watching television/pursuing my favourite pastime?

Don’t let ‘IF’ ruin your business. Become an ‘Action Taker’ not a ‘What If’er’

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Law Firm Marketing

Imran Ali

I have been working with Nick Jervis for well over a year now.

I am a subscriber to the Marketing for Solicitors Service which has taught me integral techniques and tricks of the trade to grow my firm.

I can honestly say that Nick Jervis taught me a number of techniques that I would not ordinarily have thought of.

I feel that Nick Jervis is essential if you are serious about growing your business.

I would recommend his services to anyone who is serious about growing their firm.

I feel that Nick has totally transformed the way we now think and he is a genius in the world of marketing for law firms.

In my opinion, the consultancy offered by Nick Jervis will drive real value to your business.

Mark Shepherd

I have worked with Nick for many years. He is an excellent consultant and helps law firms and businesses attract the clients they are looking for. Highly recommend.

Chris Thomas

As usual with Nick he was super informative and helpful and gave me some very good tips for me to go forward with. He exudes positivity and makes dealing with him a pleasure. Also gave me a steer in helping two other contacts I have who may be able to use his services

Iain MacDonald

Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

Vinay Tanna

As a medium sized Law Firm we have been dealing with Nick for a good few years now – his assistance and support delivered in a friendly but professional way has been invaluable; added to this, coming from a legal background he has a firm understanding of what solicitors require.

At our initial meeting with Nick he advised on various marketing strategies including simple changes to our website that would enhance traffic to the site.

We are now working on a new marketing project and know, as always, we are in safe hands.