Does this sound like you when it comes to marketing your law firm?

Josie is a sole practitioner. Two years ago she felt frustrated and worried. Whilst she thought she was quite good at marketing, she was not generating enough clients nor enough of the types of clients she really wanted. Consequently, she had to undertake some types of legal work she would prefer not to do. This was not why she had started her own law firm and she was scared it would always be like this. She wanted to be able to carry out the legal work she loved to do because she knew that she then provided a much better and more complete service. She was happier and so were her clients when this happened.

In looking for a solution she came across my website and signed up for my free marketing guide. She kept hearing about Marketing4Solicitors and that this could change the way she viewed marketing, that it would provider her with all of the tools and information she needed to change her marketing for the better, but she could not believe that it could achieve all of this for only £50 a month. She was sceptical. However, when she received an email to try Marketing4Solicitors free for one month she decided to give it a go. After all, there was no contractual tie in and she could cancel before the end of the thirty day trial simply by emailing She fully expected to be taking this action, but she never did.

Josie tried Marketing4Solicitors and has never looked back. Two years later Josie is still a member but her day to day legal practice has changed beyond recognition. She now has as many of the types of clients that she really enjoys helping as she needs. Of course there are still occasionally marketing challenges and set backs, this is the real world after all. However, when these happen, Josie now knows that she can refer back to me for help and guidance, and she often does. This is all part of the service.

Josie is based on a real solicitor, in fact many of them, who are and have been members of Marketing4Solicitors for over two years now. If what happened to Josie resonates with you at all, I know without a doubt that I can help you. So please take advantage of the free one month trial, and let me show you how I can help you to attract more of the clients that you want and need to have the successful practice that made you want to set up on your own in the first place.

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