Dumb Solicitor Fails To Try New Marketing Methods..

The dumb solicitor was worried. He had noticed a gradual but steady decline in the amount of instructions coming into his practice across both business and personal services. He was responsible for the marketing all services across four branch offices, and he just could not understand why things were going backwards.

He was doing the same marketing he had always done, but the results weren’t as good as they used to be. What could he do?

Then he realised that that was exactly the problem. He was doing what he had always done and it wasn’t working, but he had not tried anything else. He really was being quite dumb.

Well, you may not be surprised to hear that the dumb solicitor was me (I would never be so rude as to call anyone else that), and this was what was happening in the practice I worked for in Reading.

I gave myself a solid shake and set about testing new marketing methods to attract clients, lots of them. If I hadn’t tried it before, now was the time to do so… and so began the start of my love affair with marketing which ultimately led to me setting up my consultancy in 2003.

I have been reminded of this part of my marketing adventure several times recently by solicitors who have fallen into the same trap. They too have been doing what they have always done and getting declining results, but unlike me they recognised the problem far more quickly, which is why they were speaking with me. Some of them I was able to help, some of them just needed pointing in the right direction and were then able to go off and take action alone.

If you are noticing reducing volumes of instructions please do not be like me and take a long time to turn things around. Take fast action now to ensure that you reach the end of the year hitting or even exceeding your targets.

Whether you are turning over £750,000 and you want to double or treble that figure, or you are only producing a modest salary for yourself and want to push up to £100-250,000 as the next stepping stone, I have worked with someone in the same position as you before so I know that I can help you.

You do not have to be in this alone. Let me give you some options to help you turn things around starting today, right now!


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