Solicitor – What Is Your Dream For Your Law Firm?

Legal Marketing ConsultantThis picture is of me fulfilling one of my dreams, which happened just a few days ago. I finally had the chance of batting with my son, Samuel, in a local cricket match. The opportunity has been presented to me before, but sadly I failed to hang around long enough in the middle of the cricket pitch for him to join me.

This time was perfect. I managed to say around until the end of our innings, and Samuel batted with me for the last two overs. It was perfect!

We went on to win the match too, Sam taking some great catches and bowling one of their opening batsmen too, not bad for a 12 year old playing against adults.

Anyway, what is the point of this picture for you? Well, this was one of my dreams ticked off; are you ticking yours off your list?

Whether they are the dreams you have for your law firm, or the dreams that you want to be funded by the profits from your legal practice, or the dreams that you can fulfil by being able to spend more time away from your practice, are you ticking them off?

Are you where you hoped to be at this stage of 2014?

With the summer holidays upon us it provides a wonderful chance to assess whether you are on track for your 2014 hopes, goals and aspirations, because if you are not, there is still time to change things and finish 2014 on a huge high.

If one of your goals is to spend more quality time with your family, you may well be able to check that one off over the summer break. If it is one of them, do the work you need to do now to ensure that you can properly switch off whilst you are away with them.

Is your law firm where you want it to be too? If not, what has to change to get back on track?

Do you need to take more action or different action if what you are doing is not currently working?

Do you need more legal staff, support staff or external suppliers to help you achieve all that you need to achieve to reach your targets?

What difference will it make to you if you can reach or exceed your goals, on a personal and a business level?

If you have already reached or exceeded your objectives, should you just pat yourself on the back for a job well done, or should you stretch yourself a little bit further? It may be the former, in which case do take the time to congratulate yourself (something most solicitors find very difficult to do).

However, if you decide that some further action is required, take the quiet time now to unwind first, and then to plan your attack from September onwards, when you have three good months to make things happen before the year ends.

It is completely possible to double or triple your law firm profits, but doing what you have always done will not make this happen. Don’t let 2014 just peter out; go and grab it by the short and curlies and make it a great year for you and for your law firm!

You can start by downloading my free guide below: it will give you a lot of excellent legal marketing ideas, but perhaps more importantly will stop you from spending money in the wrong places when it comes to your law firm marketing.

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