The growing pains of Adrian Mole and legal newsletters

Has that title stirred any memories? I found the books excellent when they came out. I was a young boy so they came at the right time for me. I heard on the radio that they still have Adrian Mole fan get togethers and have even invited people to write more short stories.

The growing pains of Adrian Mole and legal newsletters

The first Adrian Mole was a diary of his growing pains, love, school etc. It was comically written and written very well.

When it comes to your growing pains, I am referring to your email marketing, of course.

Now that you have an email database and you know what to say in your email newsletters, what should you do next?

Grow your database, that’s what.

How do you do this?

Let me start by telling you how you don’t do it. You don’t put a big shiny box on your website saying “Sign up for our newsletter”. You don’t do it this way because, if you remember my marketing mantra ‘Clients first’ this only talks of benefit to your business, not to your clients.

You can have this box on your website, but I can promise you based on extensive testing that hardly anyone will complete it.

What you do is put a page on your website which is for your staff to use and then every single time they talk with a new prospect, an old client who is not yet on your database or a referrer, they add their name and email address to that form (which is supplied as part of your email marketing database software).

Your database will grow quickly and soon you will have a list with hundreds and in time thousands of people on it.

Those that decide they no longer want to hear from you can click an ‘unsubscribe’ button, but the majority will stay on your email database and hear from you once a month.

When you do that, you will be in the top 5% of law firms, because 95% (probably more) don’t do this ‘because it is too hard’.

I have shown you in the last few emails that it really is one of the simplest yet most effective forms of marketing for law firms.

It is time very well spent.

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