Improving Your Landing Pages To Generate More Clients From Your Legal Marketing Spend

I was on a call the other day with a solicitor. They wanted to know how they could win more new client instructions. The good news was that they were running Google Adwords already, so I had a fair bet that Landing Pages was going to be an issue.

Improving Your Landing Pages To Generate More Clients From Your Legal Marketing Spend

I have a lot of these calls. They are always highly enjoyable for me, and I believe helpful for the person on the call.

This one was a nice easy one for me because, as I mentioned, the solicitor I was talking with was already running a Google Adwords campaign (smart move) but it wasn’t quite as well as they would have liked.

With Adwords, there are always three main areas for me to dive into:

  • Are the adwords groups small enough so that the ad copy is very tightly matched to the keywords?
  • Are all of the available Adwords features being used (extensions, split testing ad copy, conversion tracking etc); and
  • Are the landing pages good enough.

In this case, the landing pages simply weren’t good enough. To be honest, in 90% of all of my Google Adwords Optimisation Reviews for solicitors the landing pages are never good enough, which is a huge issue.

Landing pages are the perennial leaking bucket when it comes to Google Adwords.

If you keep putting water into a leaking bucket it will never fill up. Likewise, if your landing pages are not good enough, you can send as many visitors to it as you like, but you will never win the volume of new client instructions that you would like.

Landing pages are pretty much the be all and end all when it comes to Google Adwords.

However, as I say they are rarely good enough.

One of the first places to see if your landing pages are good enough is to look at the Quality Score which is displayed next to each of your keywords. If it is below 6 or 7 (out of 10), more likely than not it is because your landing page is simply not good enough.

If it is 5 or below your landing page is definitely not good enough.

And of course it is not just that making a better landing page will increase your Quality Score, it is also that this improvement in Quality Score will mean that it is much easier for you to get to position number one in the Adwords results whilst spending less money per click to do so than your competitors.

That has to be worth a little time and effort, doesn’t it?

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