How To Improve Google Ads Landing Pages For Solicitors

I said last week that improving your Google Ads website landing pages is one of the first things to do to generate more client enquiries.

However, this also applies even if you do not run Google Ads.

If you spend time improving the pages where most of your visitors arrive on your website (Google Analytics/Search Console will show you which these are), then you can generate a spike in your enquiries not just once, but every day thereafter.

So, what can you improve?

How To Improve Google Ads Landing Pages For SolicitorsFirst, you need to remember that mobile visitors to website are now normally in the majority, so the first thing to do is to think about them.

If you have a two or three column website design, they will only be seeing the content part of your website, which means that any navigation on the left, or reviews or enquiry forms on the right hand side, will not be seen UNTIL after all of the content.

What does this mean?

Well, seeing as the purpose of any page on your website is to pre-sell your expertise so that the visitor feels compelled to call you to ask for your help, reviews are a huge part of this process.

Does a visitor to your website’s most popular pages see a review in the top one third of the page?

If not, it would be a good thing to insert one.

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