Quickest Way For Solicitors To Improve Google Ads Results

Q. What is the quickest way to get more clients if you are using Google Ads?

A. Improve your landing pages.

Every time I take over a Google Ads campaign for someone, I ask them how much time they, or their previous Google Ads management company, spent optimising the pages they send their Google Ads visitors to.

Nearly all of the time the answer is that it hasn’t been looked at in a long time or at all.Quickest Way For Solicitors To Improve Google Ads Results

Being as Google puts a lot of emphasis on landing pages in its Quality Score system (which ultimately determines how many clicks you receive and how much you pay for them), this amazes me.

Making the pages you send your Google Ads visitors to better (with more/better content, relevant imagery, client reviews) etc will not only improve your Quality Score, which means you can get more clicks for less spend, but it will also make your telephone ring more with new client enquiries.

If you are running Google Ads right now, it’s well worth looking at your landing pages with fresh eyes.

If you would like me to review your landing pages, simply reserve a time for your no obligation Google Ads review:


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