How Do Solicitors Find Time To Grow Their Law Firm

The solicitor closed the door to his office on Friday evening. He was frustrated that he hadn’t quite achieved what he set out to do this week but feels confident that next week will lead to him making better progress.

He is deadly serious about growing his law firm; he is the main fee earner at the moment with two other junior solicitors, but he realises that to grow his firm he is going to have to do less and less fee earning.

He is not yet sure how he feels about that but will face that challenge when it comes.

First thing first, he needs to put together a plan and then follow it to get more clients coming in more consistently. He is going to give that some thought over the weekend whilst his head is clear.

Saturday morning arrives. “I wish I hadn’t done that” he mutters under his breath.

He has made the mistake of checking his email and seen an email from “That Client!”, once again throwing his toys out of the pram. This client has been the same ever since the solicitor agreed to reduce his fee when he accepted the instruction over a month ago. He realises now what a mistake that was, as ever since then the client has been in control of the relationship, not the solicitor.

Even though the law firm owner KNOWS that he can sort this issue in a matter of minutes on Monday, it is now eating away at him and intruding into his weekend.

He is cross that he checked his emails.How Do Solicitors Find Time To Grow Their Law Firm

The weekend passes, the stew subsides a little and he reminds himself that this week is going to be better as he heads into the office on the Monday.

He arrives to find that one of his solicitors is off sick (always on a Monday he notices) and the receptionist is cross because one of the secretaries moved something on her desk. He spends the first few hours sorting out the office chaos, before losing the day to emails and staff small talk.

Another week passes and again nothing has changed. “Next week”, he says as he leaves the office on Friday!

However, the next week comes and goes, then the next one and still he is no closer to moving his plan forwards. He worries that another year is going to pass before and he is still going to be in the same position that he finds himself in now……

Does any of this resonate with you?

If the scenario above is anything like your week at the moment, and you would like to change it, this is precisely what I work through with a lot of my clients (both male and female – I just picked one so I hope you can forgive me if I chose the wrong one for you…).

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