Is Your Legal Practice Growth Limited By Your Beliefs?

Are you limiting the growth of your practice by your beliefs about what you can achieve or how you can generate leads?

Do you believe that you can only grow to be ‘so big’, or only service ‘so many clients’ or that you might as well give up because ‘deregulation is the end of the road’ for smaller law firms?

I once visited a new consultancy client to help them. One of the first questions I always ask when I meet a new solicitor is ‘What type of work would you like more of?’ I am a firm believer that life is far too short to spend time working on matters that don’t excite or engage you so if I can I always want to start here. On this occasion the first ‘belief’ I was met with was that there was simply not enough of the work my client wanted to do to even try to chase after it.

What was this belief based on? There were no facts to support it, just a hunch that the client believed to be true. I am delighted to say I managed to persuade her to let me try and generate some of this elusive work, and I can tell you two years later on that this is largely all she focuses her time on now. She is really enjoying what she does. It is success stories like this that really give me immense job satisfaction.

My question for you is ‘do you have similar limiting beliefs that are preventing you from winning the legal work you would really like to be doing?’

Do you believe that there is only one way to attract new business and you use only that way and ignore all other opportunities that might be even more successful than your current marketing initiatives?

Have you had your fingers burned by too many of the ‘next exclusive territory guaranteed to bring you new clients but only if you sign up now before your nearest competitor’ schemes that you have stopped trying anything new?

We all know the truth now. We have all been in business long enough to know that ‘if it looks too good to be true it probably is.’ But that does not mean you should give up. It just means that you have to analyse each opportunity a little more carefully, and then test it at a small level to see if it works. If it does, you can then invest more time and money.

There are so many opportunities to win more clients, please don’t let your limiting beliefs prevent you from growing your business.

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