Climate Change And Solicitors Marketing

There is an enormous ongoing debate about climate change and our use of energy. Whilst I am no expert on this subject (clearly), if you accept the argument that we are consuming too much energy for our planet to be sustained as it is, we have to do something about it.

The Governments current answer is to build more nuclear power stations. ‘We have got to do it as we do not have enough power’ they say.

Is this really the answer?

Imagine if the scenario was somewhat different. If we were told beyond any doubt that our planet was going to self implode in three years unless we change now, drastically and fundamentally. This may well be the case, who knows as we are fed such completely different messages. But if this was fact, beyond doubt, what would happen? Do you think this three year deadline would create action? I do. Deadlines always create action.

Suddenly I am certain two things would happen:

  1. We would be forced to reduce our consumption of power; and
  2. Alternative power supply methods would become viable (wind, air etc).

We would be told that the power was being turned off every night at 8pm, and you know what, that might be quite good. We would watch far less television, and suddenly we would have to talk to each other and perhaps even play games again, by candlelight.

And we might cure the climate change problems, practically overnight. Of course we are not told this; we are not taking drastic action so you have to wonder what the truth about climate change really is. But the main point I am making here is that deadlines make things happen.

Look at the legal world – it is full of examples of deadlines making things happen (when the deadline was imminent and not before):

  • Order 17 Rule 11 (all litigators reading this have now come out in a big sweat. This was automatic strike out for ‘stale cases’ and the training courses were never fuller than when the rule came into effect);
  • Home Information Packs (no-one believed they would really happen until they did)
  • Streamlining (now in place, and my clients MASS Legal Training will never be busier than April when it comes into force); and
  • De-regulation of legal services.

The last one is one or two years away. However, in my opinion you absolutely must believe that this is happening now, not in one or two year’s time. Only by taking action now can you make the changes you need to make to survive the future after de-regulation. I am seriously concerned that so many law firms are simply ignoring the threats. I really do believe that firms putting the effort in now can secure a bright and prosperous future. Firms that do not will really struggle.

Please take action now to ensure you fall into the former category.

Your de-regulation survival guide means that you must:

  • Talk to your clients more NOW
  • Follow up every lead relentlessly NOW
  • Cross sell more services NOW
  • Be more approachable to your clients NOW
  • Think how you can improve your services NOW
  • Make more of your website NOW
  • Train your staff in sales skills NOW
  • Write one blog article a month NOW
  • Offer teleseminars to clients and prospects NOW
  • Make your advertising more effective NOW
  • Test a direct mail campaign NOW
  • Add more value to your services NOW
  • Telephone your clients for feedback NOW
  • Use email marketing NOW

Make your deadline for change now, while you still have time to make change to protect and insure your profitable future.

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