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Nick Jervis' Law FIrm Marketing PlanI feel slightly sad writing this. I had a chat with a solicitor recently who has decided to go down a marketing path which involves a substantial investment and which he and I are both almost certain will lead to failure. Yes, he is entering it knowing that it has little prospects of success. For confidentiality reasons clearly I cannot go into detail about it, but in discussing this with him I kept asking why are you doing this. Ultimately, his response boiled down to five sad words:

"We have to do something!"

As a law firm marketing consultant, I am hearing this more. Solicitors are now accepting what I have been saying (ranting and screaming about to be fair) that doing what they have always done is no longer producing the results that it used to so they must do more. I know from the experience of working with hundreds of solicitors as a consultant that the "doing what they have always done" largely involves one or two ways of winning new client instructions which have always worked and which involve little or no consistent marketing effort on their part. The trouble is, those days are now gone and gone for good. The world has changed.

I understand that you did not enter the legal profession to become an expert in marketing, but I promise you this as I have done many times before in my law firm marketing newsletter; unless you truly do become a master of marketing NOW, you will really struggle and make your law firm life much harder than it needs to be in the future. The answer to the question "We have to do something" is not to spend thousands of pounds throwing your money at another business and asking them to fix all of your problems, the answer is to really start to understand how you can best market your law firm, and then test new methods every single month and find out exactly what works best for you.

Testing new marketing methods regularly and finding out which ones work best for your law firm is the only way to really master the art of marketing your law firm…

I emphasise that point because it is the one that is constantly repeated to me by the law firms who have already realised that they need to understand marketing fully and so invite me to help them as their law firm marketing consultant.

They often say that it is finally understanding that unlike the law, marketing is not a black and white art with a wrong and right answer, that allows them to move forwards. When this is coupled with me providing them with advice of the best places to spend their time casting their net, they start to see results very quickly. This encourages them to move on and then more things start to happen.

I know that at the moment many law firms are struggling, and I realise that most of them are now saying "We have to do something", but let me promise you this, the answer is that unless you master the marketing of your law firm, you will forever be in the hands of someone else controlling your destiny and the success of your practice. Now whether you take the advice from me or any other law firm marketing consultant is not the point (except of course that like you believe you are the best solicitor I feel the same about my law firm marketing skills).

The point is this: if you accept that this is the answer to the recurring question of having to do something, once you master the art of marketing your law firm you will achieve massive and more importantly, sustainable success. It might take time, it will take consistent effort (not thousands of hours, 30 minutes a day would be a great start), but it is completely within your grasp and your control, if you choose it to be so. I strongly advise you to do so and to do so right now, before it really is too late.

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Case Study

One Partner Law Firm Changes Direction

We’ve been working with Nick about 10 years and throughout this time I have always valued his expertise.

When we first made contact with Nick we had been recommended to get in touch with him by another solicitor to “give us a hand with marketing”.

At that time we were focusing on personal injury work, but we had already decided to enter the medical negligence market.

Obviously breaking into a new market takes time and we still needed the income that came from the personal injury work to finance this going forward.

Nick put together a high conversion website which meant we had all the personal injury work that we needed allowing us to build the medical negligence side of things up gradually.

Now we specialise exclusively in medical negligence. Nick has been part of that growth in terms of strategy and the use of Google Adwords to generate good quality leads.

As part of that, he helped us with the entire website build, making it very marketing focused and it has worked extremely well.

As a result our firm has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling fee earing staff and turnover.

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