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Legal Funding UK For Solicitors From Nick Jervis, Samson ConsultingIn working with so many solicitors in every conceivable sector of law, I often hear how difficult it is to obtain legal funding. I am pleased to let you know that it doesn’t need to be.

Whilst some commercial solicitors have struggled to obtain funding for their law fierms, particularly if they were largely reliant on the commercial property sector, other personal injury solicitors have had their legal funding for disbursements cut or removed completely.

I have heard from many solicitors that the banks have clearly pulled back on a lot of their legal funding. Whereas once solicitors seemed to be a sure fire bet, over the years that has changed.

However, there are still many lines of legal funding available and I can introduce you to them.

I am regularly approached by legal funding providers who said they could help my solicitor clients and contacts. As when I am approached by any new provider I always like to test them out with people I know to see if they like them, can work with them, and the deals offered are good. If they are, I am happy to tell other solicitors about them if they ask. If not, I prefer to protect my reputation and not mention them. So two firms of solicitors who both were in urgent need of legal funding and were having trouble securing it from tradional lines approached me and asked if I knew anyone who could help. I connected the two firms of solicitors with the new legal funding provider, on the basis that of course they do their own due diligence, and within two months both firms secured the amount of funding that they needed and were very, very happy with the whole experience. Here is what one of them said:

“Many thanks for your kind introduction to the legal funding provider earlier this year. I was able successfully to raise additional capital for my business with them, despite the smaller size of my pension fund. Many thanks. “

So if you are in need of funding for your legal practice, whether for disbursement funding, to fund a merger or to fund a marketing strategy to dramatically grow your business (says the legal marketing guy hopefully), just let me know.

Whichever method of legal funding you are interested in, if you would like more information, please download my guide below and then ask me for my recommendations (no cost or obligation to proceed):

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