Solicitors Marketing Success Critical Component Four

You absolutely can market a legal practice on a shoestring, and you will obtain results, but in my experience, it really does help to have some money to spend on accelerating the whole process.

The good news is that more often than not the money can be readily found by stopping a marketing activity that you are already undertaking that simply is not working and never will. So you can swap this money over to a method that will produce new clients for you and hey presto you are instantly in a much stronger position.

So you must make a commitment to spend some money if you want to move from where you are now to where you really want to be, but we are not talking ‘break the bank’ kind of money, and if you are working with me through this change process, I will keep the amount you need to spend to an absolute minimum.

By way of an example, one client was obtaining a new website for their solicitors practice and was just about to proceed with a quote of £10,000. They started working with me and I was able to obtain a better website which was far more effective at generating new client instructions for only £3,000.

So they saved £7,000, and even taking into account my fees for working with them over a three month period, they still had around £5,000 spare from their original budget (so I’m not as expensive as you thought eh), and they had a bespoke plan to follow to keep making the changes needed to their practice.

So some marketing budget is vital if you want to fast track your path to change and success.

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