Solicitors Marketing Success Critical Component Three!

I said yesterday that you absolutely have to fail, and fail fast. Well, coupled with this is the need to try different methods for attracting new clients to your practice.

I have worked with hundreds of solicitors, and sometimes what works for one client to generate a lot of client instructions, fails spectacularly for another client. This occurs even when they offer exactly the same type of services.

So you need to understand that you might have to kiss one or two frogs to find your prince, but find your prince I absolutely guarantee that you will. Also, if you are working with me through this process, I will obviously cut down dramatically the number of frogs that you need to kiss on your way to success (a good thing I think).

So be prepared to try more than one method of marketing at the same time, and be prepared for one of them to work really well at generating new client instructions, and the other one to work not quite so well or even to fail completely. However, bear in mind that at that point you then have one more method in place for attracting new clients than you do now.

So you will be well on your way to success.

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